HOA Services

A management company is hired to assist in the running of the association. The management company does not exclusively run the association, but works in unison with the Board of Directors.

Below is a description of our full management services:

  • A Property Supervisor will be assigned to your association to assist and consult at scheduled meetings.
  • Assist the Board in handling maintenance issues, competitive job proposals, as well as any other situation in the operation of the community. Proposals will be executed through licensed and insured contractors.
  • Handle all correspondence pertaining to the running of the association as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Provide copies of financials to Board of Directors on the 5th of every month.
  • Maintain records of all receipts and expenditures related to the association.
  • Prepare annual budget and make the proper adjustments as indicated by the Board. A packet is mailed out to all owners after final revision.
  • Arrange for annual tax returns and other legal documents required by the State of California.
  • Full processing of collection of delinquent assessments; arrange for lien proceedings with Attorney.
  • Maintain records of insurance coverage and assist Board in investigating and reporting accidents or claims for damage relating to the maintenance of the common areas of the association.

We also offer Financial Only management, which includes collection of dues, and any items pertaining to accounting. This management does not include any maintenance related to the association. The Board of Directors will be contacted by homeowners directly in regards to any issues pertaining to the common area.

If you would like to request a management proposal, please complete this form and submit. You will receive a response within 24-hours.