Commercial/Industrial Services

VITCO Properties, Inc. is the liaison between the property owner and tenant. The emphasis is on retaining quality tenants for long-term lease contracts.

Below is a description of our management services:

  • Providing service for office buildings, small retail centers, and industrial parks.
  • A Property Supervisor will be assigned to your handle maintenance requests, inspection, and all communication between the tenants and our office.
  • Lease renewals and other property issues are handled timely to insure satisfied tenants who can run their business efficiently.
  • Tenants are billed by either gross or triple net leases. Leases are reviewed by legal staff to assure property effectiveness.
  • Monthly billings are provided to tenants detailing appropriate charges.
  • Financial statements will be sent to justify all income and expenses along with the detailed delinquency list.
  • Inspection of property to verify compliance with all local as well as state ordinances.
  • Vacancies are inspected and prepared for marketability.

If you would like to request a management proposal, please complete this form and submit. You will receive a response within 24-hours.